Brief Introduction to School of International Education

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The School of International Education (Office of International Exchange and Coorperation) was established in December 2011, which used to be the Foreign Affair Office from 2008. There are 10 full-time teachers,4 foreign teachers, 100 foreign students. As the administrative department and school for foreign affairs, it is mainly responsible for implementing the national education policy as well as conducting international cooperation and exchanges. From 1992, Kaili University (KLU) began to recruit international students from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Kazakhstan, Japan and South Korea. Long-term classes and short-term courses on Mandarin and Chinese culture are provided. Long-term classes on minority languages and culture (especially the Miao and Gejia) are provided as well. More than 50 international students from 10 countries and regions have been trained in KLU.

KLU places great importance on cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and has made positive progress in the field. KLU has signed agreements with Pace University of the United States, Sisaket Rhajaba University of Thailand, Suranaree University of Technology of Thailand 4 Universities of Japan and 7 Universities of Taiwan for intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation.

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